We’re in Batavia, NY, talking about shopping for energy and consumer protection

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We’re in Batavia, New York, talking about shopping for energy, and among other topics, how to have effective conversations with sales agents knocking at your door and telemarketers calling your homes. These sales agents, representing competitive energy suppliers, seek to offer consumers different energy products and services that the consumer can select from, allowing the consumer the freedom to choose a product or service that best fits his or her energy needs.

You might find it confusing or even a bit overwhelming when engaging with a sales representative at your doorstep or a telemarketer calling your home, when done right, these conversations can result in more informed consumers who can take advantage of the full range of energy options available to them.

For information about energy choice and how to shop for a competitive energy supplier, visit our website at competitiveenergy.org.

Audio clip provided courtesy of WBTA 100.1 FM.

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