Utility Customers can Check Out Choices

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Marietta Times talk to PUCO about energy choice shopping for consumers.

Marietta Times
Contact: Erin O’Neill

Local Dominion Energy customers may have gotten a notice in the mail stating that they can opt to lock in a fixed price from supplier Dominion Energy Solutions without fees for canceling. This is just one of many marketing items that customers may be seeing from different suppliers heading into the winter heating season.

Matt Schilling, media contact with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, said customers can shop around for both natural gas and electric suppliers. A supplier is separate from a utility company, which in Washington County is Dominion Energy.

“We actually have a website, energychoice.ohio.gov, where people can go and compare rates. If you see it on our website, you know they’re legit because the suppliers are required to be certified by PUCO   must agree to their offers being listed on our site,” he said.

Many of the 64 natural gas suppliers currently listed on the Energy Choice website have special offers for those signing up for the first time, much like cable companies.

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