The future of energy service in Pa. is all about you: Badar Khan

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Competitive energy supplier Direct Energy uses a great analogy to explain the benefits of energy choice in an op-ed published in PennLive.

PennLive Op-Ed
Written by: Badar Khan

Imagine living in a town where every restaurant serves only beans – and just one kind. You’re charged strictly based on the amount of beans you eat. No dessert, no ‘substitutes’, no coupons, no special sauce, no doggie bag, no nothing.

Just the beans, ma’am.

Now think of energy services. Until now, these essential services have been much like a one-kind-of-beans-only restaurant town. Nothing was offered beyond the commodity, power or gas.

Not a place you’d choose to live, if you had an opportunity to choose various products that would give you the information and tools to lower your energy consumption and ultimately the money you are spending on your energy bill.

The good news is many Pennsylvania residents and businesses do have a choice with growing and diverse options. Soon it will be a full menu of not only service plans and pricing, but also combinations of products and services using the latest technologies that add value, convenience, and flexibility to your life.

It’s taken a while, but energy finally is following the path of so many other industries (think wireless phones, banking, music, retail) and evolving to serve individual customers with unique needs, habits, and priorities. New technology is driving this change, and Pennsylvania is on the forefront.

People and businesses can soon use energy in more innovative ways that align with what matters to them. For some, a lower bill is important. For others, it’s greater convenience –  warming up the house remotely using a smartphone app as you pay for dinner. And for others, it’s being greener.

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