Take Control of Your Energy Bill this Winter

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We all spend time each year reviewing healthcare plans, cell phone carrier service, and auto insurance coverage. But what about energy providers? With several different options for service that suits individual needs, it’s equally important to consider the options available when it comes to controlling energy bills.

As winter is (finally) upon us, many homeowners are probably thinking more about energy usage. They should also be considering the options for energy supply.

With the freedom to shop for a competitive energy supplier in many states, consumers have the ability to pursue other avenues towards controlling energy bills. One of those avenues is choosing to use a competitive energy supplier to provide the electricity or natural gas needed to power, cool, and heat a home or business. If a consumer makes the choice to switch energy suppliers, it’s important to remember the utility will continue to deliver energy and respond to any outages or emergencies.

Many competitive energy suppliers provide a wide array of options for customers to select from, including: fixed rate or variable rate plans. Consumers can also select from other special products that can help them control their use of energy, increase equipment efficiency, and do their part to help the environment. Plans can include: home energy audits, home protection (e.g. warranties for HVAC equipment), distributed generation (generating your own power), carbon offsets (reducing greenhouse gas footprints), and more.

Before selecting an offer, it’s helpful to understand the difference between the plans and what each plan can offer. Visit the educational website at www.CompetitiveEnergy.org and check with the state public utility commission to obtain more information.


ACCES (American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers) is a group of competitive retail natural gas and electricity suppliers committed to consumer education and media outreach. Each member of ACCES is an energy supplier committed to helping consumers better understand and take advantage of the benefits of energy choice with high integrity.

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