Survey Shows Consumers Strongly Support Maintaining Existing Energy Choice, ACCES Says

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Energy Choice Matters, the leading retail energy trade publication, published a recap of ACCES’ consumer survey and white paper, The Power of Choice: Consumer Preferences on Energy Choice in Florida and Ohio. ACCES spokesman, Michael Meath explained that the survey found, “no matter whether consumers have had choice for a number of years, such as in Ohio, or really have not had much choice at all, in Florida, that they’re both interested in choice, they want choice”.

Energy Choice Matters
Contact: Paul Ring 

A survey conducted for the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES) of consumers in Florida and Ohio found that, “consumers are overwhelmingly in favor of choice.”

The survey found that 78% of Florida energy consumers believe consumers should be given competitive choices to meet their energy needs, while showing 72% of Ohioans are satisfied with energy choice.

“The survey results send an unambiguous message to all energy policy stakeholders: customers value choices,” ACCES’s report said

“Results from this study indicate that where competitive markets do not exist, customers are eager to have more energy choices available to them. The survey also suggests that customers in states with retail energy competition strongly support maintaining their existing choices for their energy use,” ACCES’s report said

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