Second Video Launched to Help Consumers Understand Energy Choice

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Meet Peggy. Does she look familiar? She probably looks a lot like your neighbor, a friend or a family member. It’s easy to have a conversation with her. And it turns out, it’s actually quite informative, too.

Peggy, the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers spokesperson, is the trusted peer resource to help home and business owners across the country to better understand energy choice. Peggy’s first video on the official ACCES website ( introduced consumers to who “competitive electricity and natural gas suppliers” are, and what it means to have a choice when it comes to the energy that powers, heats, and cools our homes and businesses.

Peggy is back with a closer look at more specific elements of energy choice. In the second energy choice video, Peggy answers the questions “How are electricity and gas delivered to our homes and businesses? And how do the energy choices we make affect how this happens?”

This series of videos from the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers has been launched to help articulate information about energy competition in terms easily understood by the consumer in order to raise awareness about what energy choice is, the benefits of choice, and how consumers can shop for a supplier. ACCES is dedicated to empowering consumers to make informed decisions that best meet their individual needs when purchasing energy from competitive suppliers.

Get to know Peggy, and get to know energy choice, at

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