San Francisco flirts with idea of energy choice aggregation

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Energy choice aggregation may come to San Francisco.

Marin Independent Journal 
Written by Richard Halstead

Stymied in their attempt to create their own public power authority, members of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors are exploring the possibility of having San Francisco join the Marin Energy Authority.

Staff from San Francisco’s Local Agency Formation Commission — which is working with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to create a community choice aggregation program similar to the Marin Energy Authority — contacted the Marin Energy Authority recently. There are currently four San Francisco supervisors on the Local Agency Formation Commission’s board.

“I got a call from them about this idea a couple of weeks ago,” said Dawn Weisz, the Marin Energy Authority’s executive officer.

According to a PG&E spokesman, Jason King, there are 475,000 residential and nonresidential electricity accounts in San Francisco. The Marin Energy Authority currently has about 120,000 accounts, having expanded its customer base to include all 11 of Marin’s municipalities and the city of Richmond.

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