Resident Power Takes Their Electricity Choice Message to the Citizens of New Hampshire

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Consumer Education Continues in New Hampshire…

On Wednesday August 7th, Resident Power launched its first of three permitted promotions of its alternative energy supply program since 2011 and ongoing cheaper electricity supply options by picking up the tab for parking meters in a section of downtown. The Pay for Parking event, hosted in front of the UPS store on 816 Elm St. Manchester, NH, was complemented by beautiful skies, a friendly public, and a visit by Mayor Ted Gatsas. Resident Power was greeted by business owners and onlookers within minutes of arriving. Megan McLaughlin, RPs’ Customer Relations Director, commented, “Business owners came out and greeted us with handshakes and good wishes, we were even invited to lunch.”

The parking meters saw the most traffic as Resident Power employees manned three meters in the area, and were able to ask the public, “…did you know New Hampshire had a choice in Electricity supply?” It was estimated by the team that 75% of the dozens of people that they talked to either had not made the switch or didn’t know it was an option. As the day went on, more and more people stopped by the information booth to ask questions. Managing Director Bart Fromuth commented, “Our suspicions were more or less confirmed today about the overall lack of experience that the New Hampshire public has had with supply choice, and furthermore the over exposure of messages from competitors to the public may very well be significantly ignored by the public.”

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