Pennsylvania Urges Shopping Consumers to Review Contracts, Cold Temps Could Mean Higher Prices for Those on Variable Rates

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The PA PUC informs customers to double check with their competitive energy supplier regarding their contracts during this cold winter.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Contact: Jennifer Kocher

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) reminds customers using a competitive supplier to review their contract as cold temperatures and high demand have driven the wholesale price of electricity higher.

Customers with variable contracts or those with fixed contracts that have expired and were moved to a variable rate may see their prices increase. Consumers are urged to check their contracts and evaluate offers

The PUC is seeing higher prices in the wholesale electric markets, which could translate into higher prices for some customers who have contracts with competitive suppliers that allow for prices to change. Consumers should check the terms and conditions they received when they enrolled with the competitive supplier or call the supplier to check the status of their prices.

Some prices for those on variable rates may have already increased. Customers receiving a high bill should contact their supplier to discuss the generation portion of their bill and also explore budget billing, which averages your bills throughout the year. Consumers also may be eligible for programs to help pay your bill including payment arrangements.

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