Op-Ed Calls For Retail Electric Choice In Minnesota

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An op-ed responding to legislation granting Xcel Energy authority to ratebase a new power plant calls for Minnesota to adopt retail electric choice.

Rochester Post Bulletin
Contact: Catrina Rorke

Competition and consumer choice are good for the Gopher State. The phone you use, car you drive, coffee you drink and clothes you wear all are better because businesses compete for your patronage. Unfortunately, when it comes to electricity, Republicans in Minnesota are about to head in the opposite direction.

Xcel Energy is a regulated utility. That’s jargon for a government-granted monopoly. Xcel doesn’t compete for customers or give them options. If you live in Xcel’s district, you’re forced to buy Xcel’s power. It also has a guaranteed rate of return that’s set by the Public Utilities Commission. In exchange for protection from competition and guaranteed returns, Xcel submits to stringent oversight.

So why has the Minnesota Legislature rolled back that oversight?

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