One Organization’s Quest for Favorable Regulatory Environment

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An energy industry stakeholder group issues report that advocates for increased retail electric competition.

Business NH Magazine

In its Strategic Economic Plan for the state of New Hampshire, the Business and Industry Association (BIA) calls for the governor, the Legislature and regulators to “work with the business community to provide a favorable regulatory environment that encourages the development of additional energy sources and controls costs.” Additionally, the report makes the case that the business community should continue to have access to non-utility energy suppliers in the competitive energy market for greater control over their energy expenditures.

EmpowerNH (, a coalition of NH energy companies, businesses, trade groups, and environmental organizations, which advocates for the continued development of electric competition in NH, finds validation in this finding. According to the report, “New Hampshire is among the least competitive states with regard to the cost of energy. Many of the factors that dictate that high price are outside of the state’s control. However, there are numerous factors and policies that the state does have the ability to control or influence that directly impact the price of energy.”

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