New Quiz helps users determine Best Energy Choices based on lifestyle preferences

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What can the size of your house, the gas mileage of your car, the quality of the produce you buy, and even the way you do laundry tell you about the energy choices that might be right for you? More than you might think.

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers has launched a new interactive quiz on its educational website,, to guide home and business owners to better understand their energy choices. The short survey helps consumers think through their preferences for a range of familiar products and services to help them see that the same options that exist in other areas of their lives also exist in the energy marketplace.

ACCES (intentionally pronounced like the word access) is a group of competitive retail natural gas and electricity suppliers who work to provide clear and accurate information about the benefits of competition, empowering consumers to make informed decisions that best meet their individual needs when purchasing energy.

The ACCES website explains energy competition in terms easily understood by consumers to raise awareness about what energy choice is, what the benefits of choice are, and even how to shop for a supplier. Other consumer tools on the site include information on consumer rights, how to analyze an offer from a supplier, specific information on the unique features of each state energy marketplace, and much more.

Take the quiz, and learn all about energy choice, click the Consumer Tools section above.

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