New Companies commit to support National Consumer Education Coalition

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The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES – intentionally pronounced like “access”) continues to grow as more competitive energy suppliers support this national consumer education effort.

In recent weeks, SouthStar Energy Services and Great Eastern Energy have each joined ACCES. Last summer, Infinite Energy joined the coalition. These new members now share the commitment of founding members IGS Energy, NRG Retail, and U.S. Gas & Electric to provide clear and accurate information about retail energy choice to consumers across the country.

Formed in 2011, ACCES continues to operate with one goal in mind: empowering consumers to make INFORMED decisions that meet their needs when purchasing energy from competitive suppliers. While on the surface it seems counterintuitive for competing energy companies to work together, ACCES members recognize the greater need and value of working cooperatively to create a unified and knowledgeable voice, providing information about the benefits of competition to consumers, policy makers, key interest groups and media outlets.

“More communities across the country are starting to open up their markets and provide energy choice for their residents, and as that happens, the need for high quality information for consumers will continue to grow,” said Frank Caliva, spokesperson for the group.  “ACCES provides a robust website, videos, answers to frequently asked questions, and non-competitive assistance to energy policy makers and consumer groups around the country.”

ACCES plans to increase engagement with energy reporters and consumer groups through a series of outreach efforts in targeted states, expanding the number of consumers who are both aware of and understand the factors of energy choice. For more information about ACCES, please visit

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