Marketers try to sell Ariz. regulators on benefits of electric supply competition

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ACCES recently had the opportunity to weigh in and provide public comment on the Arizona Corporation Commission’s open investigation on whether to allow for a competitive electricity market. Take a look….

Energy marketers, solar interests and a few big power consumers are pressing the Arizona Corporation Commission to move forward with opening the state’s electricity markets to competitive suppliers.

In an attempt to ward off heavy lobbying by incumbent electric utilities, business groups and many customers against opening the state to competitive power and energy service providers, marketer groups such as Arizonans for Electric Choice & Competition and the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers, as well as solar industry groups such as the Alliance for Solar Choice, filed reply comments in mid-August to counter their opponents.

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers, a group of competitive retail natural gas and electricity suppliers, said that in an open market, energy suppliers can offer Arizona consumers innovative products and services to meet individual energy needs and consumer preferences, such as fixed or variable prices, renewable energy options, energy efficiency audits and other value-added benefits.

Energy efficiency audits and repairs, heating and air-conditioning services, renewable options, fixed-rate plans and incentives such as frequent flier miles will be marketed to savvy consumers, the coalition said.

“Consumer awareness is of upmost importance to ACCES and thus we understand the concerns expressed on this topic by Arizonans, while also acknowledging that many other Arizonans believe expanded choices would be of real personal and public benefit,” the coalition said. “Therefore, we pledge to continue to work with consumers, stakeholder groups, public entities, and others to further advance consumer education and awareness about energy choice and electric competition.”

For more information about consumer choice, please view the ACCES Consumer Tools Webpage.

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