In Maryland, power plants coming to electricity-hungry state

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For the first time in over a decade in Maryland, a state that imports more electricity than other states, which has been causing higher charges for consumer for years, now intends to have two new, large power plants developed, with construction beginning as soon as this year. There are two additional projects currently seeking approval for development…

The Baltimore Sun
Written by: Jamie Smith Hopkins

Developers haven’t built a new power plant of any significance in Maryland for over a decade — one reason the state imports more electricity than almost any other in the country, racking up extra charges for consumers.

But change is coming.

Two large projects, permits in hand, could begin construction this year. Two more seek approval. Land-clearing work is underway on a fifth, a small facility intended to run when demand is high.

Industry veterans say it’s hard to guess at the impact on rate-paying customers, given how much is in flux. Coal-fired units at two other plants in Maryland are earmarked for retirement in 2018. Expected closures of out-of-state coal plants could ripple locally, too. And the proposed new plants might not all get built.

If the Baltimore-Washington corridor comes out with a net gain in electrical generation, though, that could push down energy costs and two recurring charges that customers pay to keep the lights on.

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