How to Understand an Industry That’s Difficult to Interpret

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From “BTUs” to “distribution charges” understanding the terms on your energy bill is important to becoming a smarter energy consumer, but can be challenging.

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES – intentionally pronounced like “access”) has launched a detailed glossary on its consumer education website that defines over 100 terms to help energy consumers better understand energy choice and the industry.

Consumers can scroll through the terms online, or download and print the full glossary.

No matter where consumers are in the process – completely unfamiliar with the concept of energy choice; conducting initial research; or a current choice customer – there are specific terms that apply to each person’s scenario.

These terms and definitions are continually updated, and if consumers have any additional questions, they can contact ACCES directly through the consumer education website

Please feel free to also reach out via FacebookTwitter, or Google+.

ACCES is a group of competitive retail natural gas and electricity suppliers committed to consumer education and media outreach. Each member of ACCES is an energy supplier committed to helping consumers better understand and take advantage of the benefits of energy choice with high integrity.

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