Energy Choice Initiative featured on Nevada’s Ballot this November

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In November 2016, Question 3 on the Nevada ballot proposed a constitutional amendment to require the Nevada Legislature to establish “an open, competitive retail electric energy market,” reduce energy market regulations, and prohibit energy monopolies. An almost 73% majority voted yes giving Question 3 the highest margin of support of any Nevada ballot initiative in the past twenty years. Constitutional amendments need to be approved in two consecutive even-numbered election years; for it to be implemented, Question 3 will appear again on this year’s ballot.

The Governor’s Committee on Energy Choice, created following the 2016 election, released its report in July, with recommendations contingent on the passage of Question 3 next month. The report includes recommendations to the legislature on open market design and policy, transmission and delivery, renewable energy and smart technology, and consumer protections.

Those supporting the amendment claim that energy choice will allow customers the option of electing into the competitive marketplace with product offerings that include renewable energy options, lower a typical electric bill and create jobs in Nevada. Opponents of the bill have concerns that competitive pricing would actually cause energy costs.

More information about Nevada’s Question 3 and Governor Sandoval’s Committee on Energy Choice is available here.

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