Consumers encouraged to read up on electric suppliers

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Consumers too quick to disregard unrecognized telephone numbers as telemarketers may miss out on a chance to save money, a spokesman for the public utility regulatory agency said.

The PUCO recommends four steps for any consumer considering a switch in electric supplier:

• Compare offers — Visit PUCO’s apples-to-apples chart to determine which electric supplier’s offer works best for you.

• Contact suppliers — Determine which supplier suits you best, contact them, and ask the following questions: Are you certified by the PUCO? Is the price fixed or variable? If the price is variable? How does it change? Are there any built-in price increases or decreases?

• Read and understand the contract — Most suppliers will require a contract. Before signing anything, consumers should make sure they read and understand all the terms and conditions such as length, rate and any applicable fees.

• Receive confirmation — Upon signing up, the new supplier will contact the current utility and the current utility will mail a confirmation. Consumers have seven days from the postmark date to cancel the contract for no penalty.

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