How to Analyze an Offer

In states and regions where energy competition is encouraged, suppliers set themselves apart by the programs, rates and incentives they offer. Therefore, when shopping for an energy supplier, you may come across as many types of offers as there are suppliers. Before making any decision, you should be sure that you thoroughly understand the terms you are being offered. Remember, while price is important, it is not the only aspect of an offer you should consider. Different services and incentives should also be closely considered. Below are some guidelines to help you work through the process.

What you should know and do before choosing a competitive energy supplier

Make sure that the supplier you are working with is on the state-approved list or has been certified or licensed by your state. As always, gather as much reliable information as you can about the supplier before committing.

When evaluating competitive supply offers, you should consider:

Additionally, here are some helpful questions to ask your utility:

How will switching to a new energy supplier affect your participation in any special programs offered by your utility? (e.g., budget billing, energy efficiency or outdoor lighting.)

After switching to a new supplier, if you decide to return to the utility, how long must you wait before you can switch to another supplier?

How long will it take to switch from your current supplier to a new supplier? Is there a waiting period?

Ready to shop?

After you receive and review an offer, or visit the state-by-state links webpage to see if your state offers natural gas and electricity choice, visit the “shopping” site for your state to compare offers. These sites include, and