Your Energy Preferences Profile: Risk Taker

You’re a gambler. Maybe you’re not sitting at the black-jack table every Saturday night, but when it comes to money, you’re willing to stick your neck out if there’s a decent chance of a big pay-off. Take hybrid cars for example. Some say that the money you’ll save in gas will never pay for the premium you paid on the front-end sticker price. But you’ve done your research, and there’s enough out there to suggest that, maybe you will – maybe you’ll save a lot more – and the extra up front cost is worth that chance to you.

Products you might consider: You might want to try a variable-priced energy product. This means that the price you pay may change each month based on the market or a variety of different factors. Variable prices allow you to see immediate benefit in your monthly bill when market prices fall, but can also increase your bill if natural gas and electricity prices spike. Maybe prices will keep going up, but then again, they could fall.

Visit the How to Analyze an Offer webpage to help you identify the best terms for a variable-priced product.