Your Energy Preferences Profile: Budget Planner

You are very careful with your money. After all, you’ve worked hard for it! You are a master at spending less and saving more, and you’re always looking for solutions that will give you the most immediate bang for your buck. For example, you’d rather seal up your home with door sweeps and caulking than spring for a new, energy-efficient heating system. You’re also not crazy about sacrificing savings for style. Coupons? Yard sales? Going-out of business blow-outs? You are SO there!

Products you might consider: You may want to consider going with a supplier that offers a fixed-price product. This means that you lock in a specific price at the beginning of the heating season, and pay that price for the entire length of your contract. If prices go down, you still pay the same amount. But if prices go up, you still only pay the fixed-price your signed up for. There are never any surprises.

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