Energy User Quiz

What Type of Energy Consumer Are YOU?

This energy quiz is designed to help you identify your energy preferences. Identifying the type of energy user you are can help you make informed decisions about what services your ideal natural gas and/or electricity supplier should offer. This will allow you to shop smarter and more confidently, and come out of the energy purchasing experience feeling satisfied.

Please choose answers to the following nine questions that best describe you. Once you have completed the quiz, click “Submit” to determine your Energy Preferences Profile:

ACCES Interactive Quiz


1. You are shopping for a new home. Your ideal purchase is:

2. You think that the country’s biggest energy problem is:

3. It’s mid-January during the coldest winter you can remember. The first thing you do when you get home is:

4. Your laundry routine consists of:

5. It’s October, and your new neighbor asks your advice on which home-renovation project she should undertake first. You tell her to:

6. When you head to the grocery store, you look for produce that:

7. When it’s time to get a new television, you buy:

8. Your ideal car is:

9. Your idea of “getting outdoors” means:

Click “Submit” to determine your Energy Preferences Profile: