Central Pennsylvania Customers See Energy Prices Drop

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Central Pennsylvania consumers are experiencing the value of having the option to shop for competitive energy suppliers.

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Similar to New Jersey, neighboring Pennsylvania saw a drop in energy choice participation in 2014 as many customers elected to go back onto their utility default rates.  In the prior two years, consumers in both states took advantage of savings offered by competitive electricity companies who were offering rates that were lower than their area’s price to compare, the price a customer pays for electricity supply who does not shop for a competitive price.  Things changed in 2014 when that default rate became a competitive price, causing customers to leave the alternative supplier they had chosen and elect to get back onto the default service.

Things are changing in central Pennsylvania where the lowest PPL electricity rates are now being offered by competitive suppliers and yielding significant savings versus the default rate.  Many suppliers in the region are offering savings over 10% for the residential customer class, which is the level which lead to the growth in the energy choice market from 2010 to 2013 before things turned around last year.  Now that the headroom between the PPL price to compare rate and the lowest competitive rates, customer shopping activity has once again picked up.

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