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Santanna Energy Services Joins Coalition to Support Consumer Education

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (“ACCES”) continues to grow its consumer education initiative as competitive energy supplier, Santanna Energy Services, based in Austin, Texas, has joined the coalition as an Affiliate Member, as of August 15, 2014. Santanna shares the commitment of ACCES members Great Eastern Energy, IGS Energy, Infinite Energy, SouthStar Energy,…

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How to Understand an Industry That’s Difficult to Interpret

From “BTUs” to “distribution charges” understanding the terms on your energy bill is important to becoming a smarter energy consumer, but can be challenging. The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES – intentionally pronounced like “access”) has launched a detailed glossary on its consumer education website that defines over 100 terms to help…

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Why Have Energy Bills Increased – Explaining Price Volatility

It has been a record cold winter across much of the country, and many have been expressing deep concern as to why energy bills have been so high. Regardless of whether energy is purchased from a utility or a competitive energy supplier, customers have seen electricity and natural gas prices spike in many parts of…

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Access to Energy Choices is Getting More Social with Launch of ACCES Facebook Page

If home or business owners live in a state that allows consumers to shop for the supplier of their electricity or natural gas, it may be difficult to find information and answers to questions about what choice is and how it works. The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers is a group of competitive retail…

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10 Tips to Identify Legitimate Energy Suppliers in Telemarketing and Door-to-Door Marketing

While incidents of telephone or door-to-door marketing scams are not common, they can happen in any industry. In states where the energy market is open for consumers to choose among competitive energy companies for their supply of electricity and natural gas, some consumers may receive confusing or upsetting phone calls, or may hear about an…

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Best Practices for Energy Consumers in Pennsylvania

On Thursday, June 20, ACCES spokesman Michael Meath moderated a panel discussion on best practices for consumer protection at a competitive energy supplier workshop organized by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Harrisburg. The discussion focused on ways suppliers can make sure their sales and marketing efforts are focused on providing real value to consumers rather…

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Energy Choice in New York State

ACCES was recently featured in the May/June 2013 issue of New York State Realtor magazine. The article about energy choice in New York State is on page 28, and available in a digital copy here:

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New Companies commit to support National Consumer Education Coalition

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES – intentionally pronounced like “access”) continues to grow as more competitive energy suppliers support this national consumer education effort. In recent weeks, SouthStar Energy Services and Great Eastern Energy have each joined ACCES. Last summer, Infinite Energy joined the coalition. These new members now share the commitment…

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ACCES Launches New Video

How is our Cereal like Electricity and Natural Gas? New Videos Help You Understand Your Choices. WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 2013) – What if you went to your local grocery store, and you didn’t have a choice? What if you had to buy the same cereal every day? It’s silly to think about only having one…

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New Quiz helps users determine Best Energy Choices based on lifestyle preferences

What can the size of your house, the gas mileage of your car, the quality of the produce you buy, and even the way you do laundry tell you about the energy choices that might be right for you? More than you might think. The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers has launched a new…

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