Before you switch energy suppliers, or if you are solicited…

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The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has tried to simplify switching your electricity supplier.

Some people remain confused, however…

According to the Erie Times-News:  “It’s not illegal to have a website similar to that lists electricity suppliers, said Jennifer Kocher, PUC press secretary. In fact, there are others in addition to the Choose Energy website, though Kocher said those sites aren’t monitored by the PUC and their suppliers’ information hasn’t been validated by the state regulatory agency. Posting a look-alike website might be legal, but repeatedly calling potential customers and giving them the hard sell is another matter.”

Before you start shopping for an energy supplier, or if you’ve received any solicitations from energy suppliers, be sure to review the How to Analyze an Offer section of this website and Know Your Rights – which can be found under Consumer Tools.

Complaints can be filed with your state public utility commission website. Visit our State-by-State Information page to find your state public utility commission.


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