Access to Energy Choices is Getting More Social with Launch of ACCES Facebook Page

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If home or business owners live in a state that allows consumers to shop for the supplier of their electricity or natural gas, it may be difficult to find information and answers to questions about what choice is and how it works.

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers is a group of competitive retail natural gas and electricity suppliers dedicated to empowering energy consumers to make informed decisions about energy choice. And now, ACCES is on Facebook to help share this information and engage in conversations with home owners and business owners about making energy decisions that best meet their own needs and preferences.

The new Facebook page will help raise awareness about what energy choice is, what the benefits of choice are, and how consumers can shop for a supplier. Followers can scroll through the timeline to learn more about the history of energy choice and key milestones from the past several decades; read, comment on and share the latest news about energy choice across the country; and even participate in fun trivia questions, take an “energy personality” quiz, and watch videos from ACCES.

Explore this consumer education website to learn all about energy choice in each state, and then engage with ACCES on Facebook at ACCES is also on YouTube ( and Google+ (

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