ACCES talks energy choice and consumer protection in Connecticut with WJJF – CBS News 94.9 FM

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On January 25, ACCES spokesman Michael Meath was a guest on the WJJF – CBS News Now 94.9 FM program, The Lee Elici Show, talking energy choice and consumer protection in Connecticut and New York. “Thinking back to several decades ago, when buying your home, you only had one choice when it came to who supplied your energy – your local utility…these days there are many more options for consumers to consider when supplying the energy to power, heat, and cool your home or business,” said Meath. Energy choice provides consumers the opportunity to have greater control over their energy, including potentially saving money on utility bills, buying renewable energy, or selecting other special products from a competitive energy supplier that can help manage energy usage, increase equipment efficiency, and protect the environment.

On the topic of shopping for energy and consumer protection, Meath emphasized the importance of consumer education and that a more informed consumer enables him or her to better understand the options available in order to select a plan or service that best fits his or her energy needs.

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Audio clip provided courtesy of WJJF – CBS News Now 94.9 FM

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