ACCES releases new educational videos – how consumers can navigate through a door-to-door sales pitch and a telemarketing sales call

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What should consumers do when an energy sales representative shows up to the door or calls the home? Unleash the hound? Throw the phone out the window? Relax, there are simple steps consumers can take when a sales representative rings the door bell or calls.

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (“ACCES”) has produced two new videos focused on helping consumers better manage a competitive energy supplier’s door-to-door sales pitch or telemarketing sales call.

Some consumers may find it confusing or even overwhelming when engaging with a sales representative at their door or over the phone. These new videos take a humorous, interactive approach to how consumers can make it a productive conversation.

These latest videos are a part of ACCES’s ongoing efforts to empower consumers to make informed decisions that best meet their individual needs when purchasing energy from competitive suppliers.

Check out the videos, and learn all about energy choice, at

ACCES (American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers) is a group of competitive retail natural gas and electricity suppliers committed to consumer education and media outreach. Each member of ACCES is an energy supplier committed to helping consumers better understand and take advantage of the benefits of energy choice with high integrity.


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