ACCES member featured in Renewable Energy World, discusses Renewable Energy Credits

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ACCES member Great Eastern Energy explains the importance of renewable energy and what consumers need to know when selecting a renewable energy product that can assist in controlling your use of energy.

Renewable Energy World
Contact: Virginie Glaenzer 

What is a Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?

With sustainability moving into the forefront of global consciousness, renewable energy is becoming more important than ever. Developments in renewable technologies are making renewable energy more and more viable to adapt into our everyday lives.

But what is renewable energy and what does purchasing it actually mean?

Renewable energy is energy that is generated through resources that replenish themselves over and over again. These are unlike fossil fuels, which are limited in supply and will eventually be depleted.

There are five types of renewable energy:

  • Solar: Energy harvested through sunlight.
  • Wind: Energy generated by wind and harvested through turbines.
  • Hydroelectric: Energy harvested by using running water to spin turbines. Other variations include using ocean tides or waves to generate electricity through saltwater.
  • Biomass: Energy harvested through organic matter, which is treated in different ways such as burning, fermentation, or heating to generate power in various forms.
  • Geothermal: Energy harvested through deep wells of water and steam, created when magma from the Earth’s core comes close to the surface.

Renewable energy has garnered a lot of interest from the general public in recent years.

How can I choose renewable energy?

Choosing renewable energy is one of the easiest ways to be more sustainable! Renewable energy plans allow you to reduce or completely offset greenhouse gas emissions that you would otherwise be creating through your electricity use.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), also known as green energy certificates or tradable renewable certificates are proof that energy has been generated from renewable sources such as solar or wind power. Each REC represents the environmental benefits of 1MWh of renewable energy generation. When you purchase RECs, renewable energy is generated on your behalf.

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