ACCES Launches Website Redesign

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Feb. 29, 2016, Washington, DC – To further expand its mission of providing clear and accurate information about energy choice to consumers, the media, and policymakers across the country, the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (“ACCES”) announces the launch of its website redesign:

The website redesign enhances consumer navigation and engagement, enabling visitors on the website to more readily access the educational resources and tools available to them about energy choice. These existing resources, such as videos on how to shop for energy and on consumer protection rights, a state-by-state map, an energy user quiz, and more, all seek to best equip consumers with the information they need to shop for their energy to power, cool, and heat their homes or businesses.

This competitively-neutral, educational information further aims to help consumers take greater control of their energy bills, enabling them to have the freedom to choose who supplies their energy and how to select a specific product that is most suitable to meet their needs and preferences.

The new website has been designed to be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices and includes enhanced ability for users to easily share posts across a variety of social media platforms. According to ACCES spokesperson Frank Caliva, “the new website is more closely aligned with our vision to increase consumer engagement across platforms and devices.”


ACCES (American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers) is a group of competitive retail natural gas and electricity suppliers committed to consumer education and media outreach. Each member of ACCES is an energy supplier committed to helping consumers better understand and take advantage of the benefits of energy choice with high integrity.

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