Benefits of ACCES Membership

Key Benefits of Supplier Membership with the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers:

  1. Access to strong existing relationships with Commissioners and Commission Staff around the country. They are recognizing this organization to be “neutral ground” and are greeting its work with interest and strong support.
  2. High credibility with state consumer advocates and consumer advocacy organizations (i.e., Office of Peoples Counsel in MD, Office of Consumer Advocate in PA, Consumer Protection Bureau in NY, State Associations of Realtors, etc.). This creates goodwill and provides a higher profile and level of confidence in members.
  3. The opportunity to influence the messages that consumers receive through PUC and utility-led education campaigns. We have contributed directly as key working group members in specific Commission-led projects in Maryland and Pennsylvania. An additional state is interested in using our video on the PUC site.
  4. Strengthening your own reputation as a firm seeking to do the right thing for the good of consumers and striving to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers. This opportunity is unique to ACCES… it is not something gained through traditional advocacy and marketing efforts.
  5. High quality, multi-format content (including talking points, articles, and videos) that can be freely used and adapted by ACCES members, with or without attribution to ACCES. Written and video production can be made available to PUCs, consumer advocates, and individual ACCES members for their own use.
  6. A professional, continually updated website that supports your own marketing efforts by reference. Emphasizes your work on behalf of a healthy, positive industry that benefits consumers.
  7. Positive news coverage – rare for our industry – that comes from providing key resource information to news outlets that helps reporters provide a balance to stories and represents the industry as trying to do the right thing for the benefit of consumers.
  8. Leadership and guidance provided by well-respected energy professionals that have extensive experience with marketing, public relations, and government relations at the state and federal level. We are able to leverage that reputation and technical capability for the benefit of ACCES and its members.

Download the ACCES Industry Flyer and visit the Contact page to learn more about becoming a member of ACCES.