ACCES Quarterly Consumer Education Updates

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The Updates provide consumers with information covering current questions, issues, or concerns from consumers to provide them assistance when it comes to shopping for energy from a competitive energy supplier to heat, power and cool their home, apartment or business.

Volume I

Issue I – Fall 2014 – How to handle a telemarketer sales call or door-to-door sales pitch

Issue II – Winter 2015 – Winter is here – time to take control of your energy bill

Issue III – Spring 2015 – What am I getting when I sign up for renewable energy from a competitive energy supplier?

Issue IV – Summer 2015 – What is a Smart Meter?

Volume II

Issue I – Winter 2016 – Distributed Generation – generate your own power for your home or business

Summer Series I 2016 – What is Community Solar and how can it satisfy my energy needs?

Summer Series II 2016 – What are My Rights as a Customer?

Issue IV: Summer 2016 – Home Heating and Electricity Bill Pay Assistance for Supplier Customers




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